About "Les Deux Coqs"

The story of "Les Deux Coqs" started in a former vicarage in a beautiful village called Saint-Amour-Bellevue in Burgundy (France) where I lived in with my partner Katia. 

When I was a child, I spent a lot of time at my Grandparents' place. They owned a Pig farm for many years, I was used to cook with my grand-mère (grandma) many kinds of terrines, rillettes, saucissons and other amazing food.

Later, I have always been cooking for friends and family but my speciality is the famous French apéritif !

Many French people take time to enjoy an apéritif, eating saucissons, pâtés, rillettes, tapenades with fresh or crusty baguette and a glass (or probably several) of wine especially during summer. Outdoors at a café or on a terrace at someone’s country home, everywhere is the perfect place for apéritif.

After 10 years working in the food industry, my dream was to come back to the Artisanal Method with High Quality ingredients and to share this passion directly with my customers. I decided to open my business in Australia, a country we fell in love with few years ago with Katia. Especially in South Australia, this is my perfect place for apéritif.

"Les Deux Coqs" is a fine épicerie which offers authentic, Artisanal French food made with South Australian local products without preservatives or additives, including: savoury terrines, rillettes, saucissons, tapenades, sweet spreads and biscuits.

Most of our products are preserved in glass jars by using a natural process and can be kept at room temperature for several months.

We envision a world in which people can afford and enjoy premium food made with French savoir-faire, good for their health, respectful of the environment, with a fair price.

But what does "Les Deux Coqs" mean?? Any ideas?? It means in English "The Two Roosters". 

I hope you will enjoy my fine food for a convivial moment. 

A bientôt 

Signature Bastien Verslype